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to lick a girls pussy
Lisa? Oh i ate her pussy last night
by joe February 04, 2004
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a man who recieved a strap on dildo in the ass from a woman
Jake was pegged from behind by Jane.
by Joe June 28, 2004
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hanging, doing nothing
i'm chilling with the boys.
by joe March 04, 2005
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1. the best bang for your buck sports car. though it is 45k/55k(conv), it beats the shit outta a mercedes clk 55 amg (85k)+ a jaguar xkr (85k) with a natural aspired, not supercharged motor (also only a 6cyl compared to v8's); only 2nd to porsche 911 (85k++). if u ppl say what about the wrx sti or evo VII u deserve a beat down, though on paper they are better, and in there own right, they are absolutely awesome, u cannot compare to the feel u get from driving a german car, its undescribable, everything is designed so well, and omg u just can compare the driving pleasure. Dont get me wrong, if i had 30k i'd buy a japanese car but japans philosophy on engineering is practical price/performace and germans have a completly diff outlook - spare no expense.

2. a 12 guage shot gun made by germany's hecklar AND koch.

btw im not german, im not even white, it just appriciate there ability to make quality mechanical things, u need japan for electronics and america for, uhh ya,.
1. i want to drive an m3
2. i wanna blow ur head off with an m3
by joe December 18, 2003
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rear-end, butt, behind
She had a nice tush.
by joe April 21, 2003
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Symbolizes the 14 words spoken by member of the Order neo nazi movement. Now tattooed frequently on white power skinheads and klansmen. 14 or 14 words stands for.

See above
by joe April 12, 2004
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a shorter word for people or peeps
ppl = people or peeps
by Joe April 12, 2003
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