12 definitions by Joe Muma

Laureelise is a kind loving girl who has a little bit of a my little pony obsession and loves to annoy her brothers. She hates spicy foods and loves making weird whale noises.
Oh look at Laureelise she is eating her microphone
by Joe Muma November 9, 2019
The nickname for the gay relationship between Todoroki and Modoriya.
by Joe Muma February 20, 2019
KrazyMan or Kole is a big nigga combined with Adolf Hitler, he also kills all Shreks!
KrazyMan or Kole is killing shreks again!
by Joe Muma December 3, 2019
A girl who has a forehead bigger than the moon, black NIGGERS, and Patrick star.
by Joe Muma February 19, 2019