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Joke-club, located in Athens, Greece
Ran by drug dealers and lying bastards, always have been taking the long dick of olympiakos at ANY sport. Panathinaikos can also be used as a club for gays and rabbits, aka vazelos.
Ohh we will never win any championship! We are panathinaikos! 😭
by DRFX August 29, 2018
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Panathinaikos is the greek team with the biggest balls. Even though its finances can't match those of the teams from the biggest championships in Europe the team in green with a irish shamrock as its badge always manages to look anyone in the eyes.
Before the creation of the Champions League PAO made it once to the champions cup final against Ajax in 1971 and in the semis in 1984. Since the cration of Champions League the biggest success is reaching the semis against Ajax in 1996.
by El Pimpo May 07, 2005
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