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cool customer never panics cool under presssure
Peter Canavan
by Jimmy neutron December 02, 2003

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Vida Guerra is the most beautiful, sexiest women in the entire world. I would f**k the s**t out of her if I had the chance. Vida I love you, me and the rest of mankind.
Vida Guerra is Arreug Adiv backwards
by Jimmy Neutron December 07, 2004

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The sound Jadakiss makes in his songs that no one can seem to copy correctly
Any song with Jadakiss before he starts to spit, "Why", "New York", etc.
by Jimmy Neutron January 25, 2005

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Dandruff of the pubes. A syndrome that disturbs the pubic region of the body with white granules forming from the follicles.
You need some Shaft & Sack to keep that pube dandruff from getting on your black panties.
by Jimmy Neutron March 11, 2004

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An awkward boy who refers to his parents as "mother" and "father". Can be found cutting earphone wires or checking out the newest transformers.
"Dude, your brother is such a retardatron."
by Jimmy Neutron February 08, 2005

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The act of being asian and making a fool of yourself and your culture on national television.
William Hung on American Idol, and then getting a record deal to make himself look like more of an idiot
by Jimmy Neutron January 24, 2005

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adj. you're poor cuz you can't afford a real lunch in elementary school
Man, this nigga is swak.
by Jimmy Neutron August 11, 2003

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