The first American Idol reject to gain widespread fame. Hung, an engineering major at Berkeley, turned in a horrendous rendition of Ricky Martin's She Bangs at his audition and was roundly rejected by the judges. Despite this setback to his singing career, he was signed to a record deal and released one album, Inspiration, a collection of covers sung by Hung and peppered with occasional words of wisdom. To this day, many are still unsure whether Hung was a savvy genius with an almost supernatural ability to mock his own self-image or just a naive fool who truly believed he was talented.
by roundthewheel January 10, 2008
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The most sublime singer in the history of music. Every time I hear his music, especially covers of passe hits like She Bangs, my soul is transported to another dimension. He sings like an angel on crack and his voice is just mind-blowing.
If it wasn't for William Hung's songs, I'd commit suicide.
by Huuligan May 18, 2006
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One of the many people who's more entertaining than Ricky Martin. See, even retards sound better.
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The American Idol reject who sold more records that AI 2nd place finisher Justin Guarini.
Wow. Look what America has come to. Go figure. haha
by Katsturr August 10, 2005
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A contestant on American Idol, from Cal-Berkeley. A Civil Engineer major, with a seemingly cult following after his courageous performance of "She Bangs" by Ricky Martin. He has no professional training at all.
"She Bangs! She Bangs!"
by ZJP Version 1.0 February 17, 2004
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guy who can't sing whom got a record contract. he usually screws up the lyrics, and isn't original in any of his songs, for he never wrote one of his own songs.
She Bangs: Ricky Martin
I Believe I can fly: R. Kelly or me first and the gimmes
YMCA: the village people
Can you feel the love tonight: Elton john
by Tim August 18, 2004
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