Although he can be socially awkward, he's a very smart, yet understanding person. He tends to get a lot of backlash for being so closed in but he's trying his best. Although not always as fit as the others, he's an amazing protector, and someone you can open up to. If he seems cold and uncaring, he's really not, just putting on an act. Also, a decent class clown, low-key.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT anger Damien.
Girl 1: Wow, it seems you two are so happy, I shouldn't have judged him so harshly
Girl 2: He wouldn't blame you, he's a Damien after all.
by QuigglesMcGee March 22, 2018
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Lord Damien is our saviour of all death. With his meaty thighs he can destroy anything in his path. He is very meaty and strong and has a 20 inch cock bigger that frazer wallaces big black cock
Lord Damien is coming everyone bow
by Damien’s lover January 16, 2021
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Damiens are super sweet guys. Over all amazing people. Generally love gaming. Amazing boyfriends! Sweet and protective. You trust them with anything and everything. He's cute in an adorable way but also sexy as hell!! Really knows how to turn you on. Won't push you to anything either:)
Girl one: "oh he's hot, and so nice. You go girl"
Girl two: " well of course, he's a Damien! "
by thatchick98 March 2, 2015
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The most amazing, sweetest, guy you'll ever meet. Damien's make excellent boyfriends because they're loyal and protective. They like to pretend they're strong and silent types, but deep down theyre just dying to open up to you, so don't let that tough guy act fool you! They're also sexy as all hell and know how to use those hands and fingers ; )
Girl #1: Awww, your boyfriend is so sweet!
Girl #2: Well what did you expect? He's a Damien
by lexicole December 8, 2009
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Cool mellow dude that is cherished by many including Juan. And hates when people spell his name Damian
Random: is your name spelled Damian?

Damien: no (thinking about upper cutting you)
by Ogtripleog90s December 12, 2013
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Damien is a hot guy very funny and very talkative. He may get on your nerves but he's very kind.
Girl 1: look at Damien he's so hot
Girl 2: hold on back off he's mine
by Idk,lol,ttyl,wywtta February 1, 2017
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The most perfect person I have met he can make u laugh when you don't want to, he's hot asfff,he isnt like the other guys he likes u for who u are not for who u try to be. There us so much to like about him.
Damien- he's hot asfffff
by Ndjdbdksnekw July 31, 2018
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