252 definition by Jesus

a family who'f female members are very attractive, and whos male members do not like it when you bring this up
Daniel's mom is such a MILF
Daniel's sister is fucking hot
by Jesus July 04, 2004

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Best Online free game in the world... can be quite addicting in fact you might find urself playing more than u eat or sleep such as a certain someone thats #1 on the high scores list
"hey Todd.. wanna play some football"

"no thanks.. i think i'm going to play runescape all day"
by Jesus March 26, 2005

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Gollum Bites Off Frodo's Finger and Falls Into Mount Doom
And so GBOFFAFIMD and I larfed
by Jesus September 17, 2003

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Common name for a welsh slut
"oh fuck there it goes again. She's a right Welshdoll."
by Jesus February 25, 2005

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Jousting with ones wang.
I wang joust you for your cookie.
by Jesus July 12, 2004

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a fat bastard, someone who resembles a big pile of guts all swollen and vomit inspiring to view them
wow, that cathy johnson sure is a big fat fucking pus gut bitch.
by jesus June 18, 2004

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A saying/phrase, used in britain (mainly the rhyl area), which is not technically accurate, but hilarious nontheless. Used in a sarcastic manner, basically means that you 'well care', thereby exclaming the fact that you do not care.
Me: Dan you knob jockey!
Dan: Well care
by Jesus February 28, 2004

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