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The Church of Satan was founded on April 30, 1966, in San Fransico, CA, by Anton Szandor LaVey and was the world's first above-ground legitimate church dedicated to the religion of Satanism, as defined and codified in LaVey's The Satanic Bible.

After LaVey's passing in 1997, the Church of Satan switched headquerters to New York, where it is currently run by it's High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

The Church of Satan is an atheistic organization which describes itself as mutual admiration society and "cosmic joy buzzer," instead of a spiritual organization.
Sammy Davis Jr. and Jayne Mansfield were both members of the Church of Satan.
by TikiDevil9 January 22, 2011
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Many people have misconceptions about the Church of Satan, believing that the members are devil worshipers. However, in reality, this is all false. The Church of Satan is a group of atheists and the only reason that Satan is used is because their founder, Anton LaVey, believed Satan to be a good representation of Man's True Nature.
Overall, the Church of Satan is far better rounded and has better morals than any Christian, Catholic, or any other religion will ever be.
The Church of Satan was founded by Anton LaVey in the 1960s.
by KAMISAMA HATES YOU November 10, 2016
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