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a "spot"or small amount of a food product or other iteam
Jena set a dolup of whipped cream on her strawberry shortcake.

The girl forgot to rub a dolup of make-up in; she had left it sitting on her face
by Jena May 18, 2004
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random blonde moments
1) She has so much hotar.
2) She is such a hotar.
by Jena December 28, 2003
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An ugly fag that no one likes due to his enormous lips- looks like a fish out of water-
"daddy, isnt that fish gonna die if hes not in water?"
by Jena December 20, 2003
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'Pong' is the French interpretation of the 'bang' from a gun, therefore meaning explosive. 'Ass' is a commonly used word referring to being like one's posterior. So therefore, pong ass means:

Use 1) A person with explosive gas.
Use 2) A term for very good sex.

This can also simply be used as a random insult, as in example use 3.
Use 1) He is such a pong ass after eating fried food.

Use 2) Damn, she's some good pong ass.

Use 3) You pong ass.
by Jena December 28, 2003
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one who has the competency of the butt of a monkey
The superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools is a arshmonkey.
by Jena December 28, 2003
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Refers to homosexual men that appear to be 12 years old. Often times you will find avrilsguitarist in gay pop bands that do not have any real meaning. Their careres are short live just like their talent.
Hey look at that 12 year old boy over their he looks like avrilsguitarist.
by Jena April 05, 2003
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Term for something that 'sucks'
This draws penis.
by Jena January 02, 2004
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