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A wierd but very interesting fighting game made by SEGA in 1995. The gameplay is similar to that of Virtua Fighter, except that you fight in a walled arena that can be climbed, used for special throws/combos, or destroyed when you put a knockout blow on your opponent, and you can perform chain-throws, and do hit-combos on an opponent who is down. The characters are dressed in 80's-style outfits, wear armor which can be smashed through with special moves, and some characters carry weapons. For instance, there is a musician who uses his guitar, and a kid who uses his skateboard.
The concept of fighting in an enclosed arena was later used in Virtua Fighter 3 and NAMCO's Tekken 4, and the idea of chain throws was later incorporated in Tekken 3.
I still wish SEGA came out with a Dreamcast version of Fighting Vipers 2.
by Jeffery October 13, 2003
to be, or to have the essence of being the friggin man. Rarely used, saved for extreme circumstances where ultimate coolness must be expressed.
Holy shit, that kid is so fucking palano.
by Jeffery January 6, 2005
1. Douche
2. Like saying the word douche
3. Gay
Honey, I had to break the news to you but I am a pappas.
by Jeffery April 8, 2003
I felt Legally Dumb after watching this movie.
Legally Blonde lowered my I.Q. by 70 points.
by Jeffery October 4, 2003
A militia group that believes strongly in the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution and defending citizen's rights from the federal government. Based in Michigan, this group has been view as extreme and even in some cases as a terrorist group.
Nothing really to make an example of, its just a group
by Jeffery April 6, 2005