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it is someone that is a real bitch...but saying that he is a bitch cunt is even more degrating
"B.C. Culbertson is my little bitch cunt"
by Jeff favs April 01, 2005

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It means close to something like a kidding around or to joke around.
It can be said as "bustin beans" also.
after saying you were bustin beans you should say "forget about it" but it is said with an Italian voice....like Mario
friend 1: i ate your mom out last night
friend 2: what the fuck i will kick your ass
friend 1: dude i'm busting beans here! forget about it
by Jeff favs March 31, 2005

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etonic is extreme playin of the opposite sex.....you will know when you are "etonic pimpin" It is what you aim for in being a playa......you wont even have to talk to the girl ...all you have to do is look at them and they come crawling to your knees like you are a king
jeff was etonic pimpin when dave's momma walked into the door. He got her on her knees in a record 9 seconds.
by Jeff favs March 31, 2005

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when you play bball and you hit the ball of their foot.
"man..jeff is so good he dunked on me after he went off the sheezy"
by Jeff favs April 19, 2005

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its a small creature with 6 legs. It lives in any unwashed vaginal area. Always be aware when you are with a bitch.....they might havea clit critter and it will bit the dick right off
" I lost my dick to dave's mommas clit critter"
by Jeff favs March 31, 2005

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Pitty fucking is the act of sticking your solid hard erection into a woman/mans armpit, and procede to fuck them as if it were a vagina or butthole.
Jeffs dick was sore and red after Heidi and him got done pitty fucking.Her pit was very dry and smelly.
by Jeff favs April 02, 2005

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go smoke a joint or a bowl....go smoke out
"Me and Dave are going to go hit the hay nig"
by Jeff favs March 31, 2005

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