A another word to use for a good lookin' female
She's well tasty
She's a bit tasty
by Raz Egerton January 13, 2004
Symonym for cool, sweet, or awesome.

Origionally derived from "that was some tasty pussy", now used to describe everything.
That was a tasty nap.
by TLS June 5, 2005
I just ate a taco and that shit was TASTY as fuck!
by BIG bill March 13, 2003
A cocktail or mixed drink. One that is especially delicious and intoxicating.
by ActionJackson563 April 5, 2009
A very attractive person, often used in place of the word hot
Eric looks damn tasty today
by jaymee February 17, 2004
Adj. {1} Pleasurable taste
{2} used when speechless because of Johnny Depp's gorgeousness

See also yum
{1} That glazed doughnut was tasty.
{2} *Sees picture of Johnny Depp* : That man is just too tasty for words
by strawberrybumfluff February 18, 2005
Jean and Tina are way tasty!
by Jean May 30, 2003