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A situation where your sleep patterns have adjusted to a new time zone, but your bowel movements are still in the previous Timezone. This can be problematic for people who prefer to have natures calling before their morning shower.
My jet lag is gone, but I still have ass lag.
by Jayspray June 05, 2018

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A person who takes inspiration from Kim kardashian, and attempts to replicate her appearance (usually badly).

General features include some or all the following.....black hair, excessive Botox/make up/plastic surgery, fake lips, fake tits, big arse(fake or natural) black leggings, high heels, no personality.
Holy shit, I saw 5 Clonedashians at Westfield today, they’re multiplying.
by Jayspray May 03, 2019

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A really good sleeping pill.
Had a dribble pill with a bottle of red on my flight to London. Slept the whole time.
by Jayspray March 10, 2020

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The act of a father doing a plat/plats for their daughter, having little to no experience in the practice. Similar to a dad joke, they are often of low quality, but cute nonetheless.
Wow, look at that dad plat. The separation must be recent.
by Jayspray October 08, 2019

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