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The Timezone is when two people like each other, but hesitate to take the next step, because one of them is not ready to start an official relationship. The person who wants a serious (or official) relationship therefore is stuck in the "Timezone". The timezone may last for a few days to a few years, and within that time the two people either come together or split.
"She told me it's too early to make it official... Well, guess she put me in the timezone"
"I don't know when we will be official . I hate being in the timezone."
by riddlefiddle September 19, 2015
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Similar to the friendzone but is caused by an extreme time difference. There is still hope left if you are in the timezone!
Usually occurs when a girl you're simping on lives so far away that she's never online when you are.
Person 1: "When I'm online, she isn't and when she is, I'm not!"
Person 2: "Haha you simp, you got timezoned!"
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by Hispanic Master June 11, 2020
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