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When you take a short drag off a cig or joint but don't inhale the smoke.
No, I didn't inhale... it was just a mouth puff!
by JayArr September 24, 2008
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The greatest political party not-yet-known to mankind, taking all the best elements of the other major parties and wrapping them all into one truly intelligent party platform. Members of the Indepublocrat party are without a doubt the most rational, intelligent, forward thinking and commonsensical men and women in an advanced society. They pride themselves in approaching issues, tasks, problems and ideas in an honest and straightforward manner, to work diligently to come up with the best compromise solution for all involved.
Pollster asks, "So, which partisan, no-compromise party are you affiliated with? Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Constitutionalist, Socialist, Communist...?"

Smart citizen responds, "None of the above; I'm an Indepublocrat!"
by JayArr September 08, 2010
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An ass burp is similar to a fart, in that it may be just as loud or quiet, but does not have the classic defining odor.

See also Butt Burp.
I nearly ran from the room when dad let a big one rip, but when I didn't smell anything, I realized it was just an ass burp!
by JayArr June 21, 2011
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A myopolymath is a person who knows everything and yet understands nothing.

Or, more loosely, those who proclaim knowledge of just about everything, but whom have precious little understanding of anything.
I spoke with a myopolymath the other day who rattled off an incredible number of random facts, and when I asked him what they really meant, he just said that wasn't the point and continued his recitation.
by JayArr May 13, 2010
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A state wherein the mouth is running at full speed while the brain remains idle.
Also known affectionately as 'OCD'.
I realized he was suffering from oral-cranial disconnect when I heard him mindlessly spewing nonsense at 90 words a minute, and his brain was obviously still in neutral.
by JayArr January 30, 2015
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The HRPCES acronym stands for: Human Resources Politically Correct English Ssshhhh.

Pronounced "Herpes" (the C is silent), this term may be used when one of your co-workers blurts out an expletive deleted in the company of others who have very sensitive ears.
After Bob dropped the F-Bomb in front of Debbie and Sara, I said, "Umm, Bob... Herpes!" He blushed and nodded in acknowledgement of our HRPCES policy, and then apologized quickly to the ladies.
by JayArr March 16, 2012
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