4 definitions by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade)

A Toenail. It may be clipped or intact.

The act of assaulting somebody with a toenail clipping. May be by stabbing or scratching.
Def 1.
Wife to Husband Clipping Toenails: "Oh,no! When you are finished clipping those Talons, don't leave them on your night-stand!"

Def 2.
Husband To Wife: "Keep nagging me woman and I will Talon you!"
by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade) May 13, 2008
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The mysterious space between the headboard and back of the bed where my cat disappears to during the middle of the night.

A less than impressive time-share location which is poorly maintained and cared for.
Def 1)

Wife: "Where is Buddah? I can't find her anywhere! I checked her litter pan, the window, and there still is no sign of her!"

Husband: (Shaking food canister) "Oh, there she is! It looks like she was in her grime-share under the bed."

Def 2:

Wife: "Honey, this isn't what the time-share looked like in the brochure!"

Husband: "Time-share?!?!? This s(feces)it looks more like a GRIME-SHARE to me!"
by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade) May 06, 2008
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A male or female who attends your gym whom you are sexually attracted to but only admire and / or flirt with from afar. This person is usually your motivation to go to the gym on days you really don't feel up to going.
"Of all the treadmills in the gym, Larry chose to use the one next to his Gym Crush, the girl that looks like Kim Kardashian"
by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade) August 04, 2008
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Expression used by a male to indicate that he would engage in intercourse with a desireable female.
Man 1: "Did you see the tits on Celeste?! She's friggin smokin'!"

Man 2: "Yeah, let me tell you, She Wouldn't Have To Ask Twice!"
by JasoRobi (BuggieBlade) May 15, 2008
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