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The mysterious space between the headboard and back of the bed where my cat disappears to during the middle of the night.

A less than impressive time-share location which is poorly maintained and cared for.
Def 1)

Wife: "Where is Buddah? I can't find her anywhere! I checked her litter pan, the window, and there still is no sign of her!"

Husband: (Shaking food canister) "Oh, there she is! It looks like she was in her grime-share under the bed."

Def 2:

Wife: "Honey, this isn't what the time-share looked like in the brochure!"

Husband: "Time-share?!?!? This s(feces)it looks more like a GRIME-SHARE to me!"
by JasoRobi (buggieblade) May 06, 2008
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