Someone who exhibits the qualities of a cunt (usually used to describe an extremely odious person, or their behavior)
Harnk's insults became increasingly cuntish as the days dragged on, I really wish he would die.
by realhandshandy January 27, 2003
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A person who displays the qualities of a cunt in general conversation
Sarah: I want to go out with my friends!

Sid: No, you have to sit here and talk to me... I hate you

Sarah: ... Well that was cuntish.
by DSGriot May 26, 2007
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When some one is acting like a right proper cunt , they are being cuntish . This word was first made and used by to friends trying to describe a cunt and the actions she did .
Fuck sake , now that is just being cuntish , said Chelle as Woodz are the last bit of pizza . He was a cunt when he found she had loads of new Friday found so he acted cuntish
by Woodzrs July 7, 2015
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things that are out of order but in acultish kind of way. For example....
Jesus action figures... Now thats cuntish!!! Get it?

Also the moving fountain pictures that you get in indian restaurants !

People can be cuntish too... Danny La Rue !! Now thats cuntish!!!
by jane January 21, 2004
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Cuntishness is the habitual studied indifference to the needs and aspirations of anyone, not yourself, where a reasonable accommodation of those external stakeholderships would, at little or no transaction cost, satisfy said external subjects needs mightily.
Dimu behaved with cuntishness when explained that he did not care that I had been sick as he required me to complete a task.
by dave4 August 31, 2018
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Can be used in two ways
1. To describe a person and the way they are acting.
2. To describe a situation that is not fair or wanted.
1. 'What do you mean you want to bone my mum, stop being CUNTISH man'
2. 'Rob said I can't bone his mum, arrgh, that's CUNTISH!'
by ©™ October 16, 2003
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a person who displays a bad character. Someone with no morals or values. Someone despicable.
That guy Vitale sure has some Cuntish ways about him.
by dfkljd January 6, 2008
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