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The "hero" of the pokemon anime series. Named after a tree, like his other little friends, Professers Oak, Elm and Birch.
His last name sounds like "Catch 'em". How original.
Exceedingly crap at catching, raising and fighting with pokemon, he obviously uses a Gameshark or something because:
a) His pikachu can affect rock and ground type pokemon and uses agility as an attack.
b) His pokemon use WAY more than four moves
c) His pokemon can evolve half-way through a battle
d) He can come back from the dead or something if pokemon cry at him.
I thought I was rid of him forever but it seems the pokemon loved him so much that they cried for him. Maybe they were crying with happiness that he was dead. Why didn't one of his other anime buddies use a MAX REVIVE on him or something?
The actual gameplay was really fun in pokemon, he ruined it by looking, sounding and fighting like a dick, sullying the good name of pokemon forever.
*ash ketchum sends out his pikachu against rhyhorn, a rock pokemon who shouldn't be affected by electricity*
"Hey, that rhyhorn's horn looks like it acts as a lightning rod! Pikachu! Zap it's horn!"
"Yay we defeated it! Go Gameshark!"
by Jammers September 10, 2005
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When two people stick their tongues out 1-1.5 cm from their closed lips and rub them together.

Not recommended
"Argh! Lizard kisses are all slimy and wrong!"
by Jammers February 24, 2006
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Dick Dastardly's dog-minion. Makes funny grumbling noises like shnikinrickinfashinrockn-rick rassardly!
MUTTLEY!!! DO SOMETHING!!! *Muttley starts dancing*
by Jammers August 05, 2005
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A suffix that can be added to nearly any body part to create a sexual connotation
by Jammers September 13, 2005
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what orks in warhammer 40k say wen they are using/speaking about an automatic weapon.
It is mimicing the sound of a semi-automatic going off.
much like a little kid saying "pee-yowm" to indicate the sound of a pistol.
by Jammers May 23, 2005
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The fictional character from Wacky Races who always loses. He continuously tries to set traps for other racers which do not work. Perhaps stupidly, whenever he gets ahead in a race he attempts to set a trap for the other racers rather than keeping on going and winning outright. Has a dog minion called Muttley. Drives the Mean Machine
Ehehehehe! Now I will put this long cheesewire between these trees so that whoever gets through is sliced in half! Eheheheh! Oh no! Prof. Pat Pending is blowing it away with another crazy invention! He's blown me into the air! ARGH! MUTTLEY!!! DO SOMETHING!!!
by Jammers August 05, 2005
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