161 definitions by Jamie

A Butt rapist
John Howard Getting it done by George W. Bush
by Jamie April 29, 2004
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A big poser who thinks she is punk but she is pop
Hey, did you hear the neww Fefe Dobson song? Yea, it sucked!
by Jamie April 10, 2004
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to scam or get away with something
We be skizzlin' this damn school.
by Jamie November 16, 2004
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n. one who likes anal sex; one who enjoys inserting bizarre entities or life forms into their/their partner's rectum; one who is fond of alien enimas;
v. anal sex;booty sex; ass fuck; inserting toys into bums;
Yo i met this feldmar last night and she put something weird in my butt.

I saw these two crazy mothercukers feldmaring on the street last night and i was like "woah"
by Jamie September 05, 2004
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a dumb person
This is a very old fashioned word & have heard from my mother & was passed from my grandmother which would be 103 now.
Have actually heard this phrase "you big gump!"
by Jamie September 21, 2003
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really awsome dude from blizzard battle.net probably the best player. Even if he isnt hed pwn u anyway
omg arthmail is so sexy
by jamie November 13, 2004
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this is aka-the 6th joker card
this is the power to witness the death of all mortal things, it is also the echo of our lives
related to insane clown posse
i hope the wraith dwels over u from this moment on until the echo of ur life expires and the wraith will be there to finish his duty on u in the flesh and i hope the wraith will come soon for u (not really but ya) and all of us juggalos/juggalets will celebrate in the fago rain
by Jamie April 09, 2004
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