Cupid is the little angel in wings that makes people fall in love but then always screws them over in the end.
Cupid made me fall in love then made him take my car my house and my money, thanks cupid you can go suck a dick.
by falconSX April 09, 2003
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to describe someone who tries to play off their stupidity as cute
When Jane met Bobby and asked him that really awkward question, he thought she was being cupid.

A cupid statement would be something like the capital of Pennsylvania is capital P.
by RichmondGirl09 January 25, 2009
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A person who does very stupid things, a dimwit.

This word is a contraction of "Cupid Stunt", who was a character on the Kenny Everett Show in the 1980s. This in turn is a spoonerism of "Stupid Cunt". The expression is used by people who watched TV in the 1980s, usually to describe people who were born after show's popularity waned and are therefore unfamiliar with the expression.
1: That fellow was playing chicken with the trains on the railway line.
2: What a cupid.
by Lior Bar-On December 11, 2007
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after having sex with girl in the ass, pull cock out and smear poo on butt cheek in the shape of the heart #1 brown jersey. then, get the hell out of her dormroom!!
Justin gave Shania a cupid, leaving behind the greatest valentine's day card in the history of the world.
by Bad Valentine February 13, 2004
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Being stupid in love; doing stupid things because of love.
"Did you see that tattoo Jim got?"
"You mean the one of his girlfriend's puppy?"
"Yeah. What an act of cupidity.
by Kernel Poppa February 09, 2007
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