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A GamePigeon text message sent to another person during an awkward time.
-Hey, that boy wanted to kiss me yesterday. What should I do?

-Let's play 8ball
by Jake1114 October 28, 2018

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You say this to someone after you tell them anything. It provokes a response with a sense of empathy.
I want to get tacos in London...ya feel?
by Jake1114 September 19, 2018

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A phrase used by the love our life Peter Kavinsky. Used to describe confusion or alarm.
woah woah woah....Zara what did Kyla say?
via giphy
by Jake1114 September 19, 2018

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The private parts of a girl from a Greek descent.
Jake: Hey Max, how was the Parthenon last night?

Max: A little small, but thanks for asking!
by Jake1114 November 16, 2018

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When you hu with a girl but she doesn't tag you on Instagram afterwards.
Jake: Hey Max, did u have fun at homecoming with her last night?

Max: It was great, but I got no tag.
by Jake1114 October 30, 2018

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To remove somebody’s clout, especially clout provided to them from you.
My “girl” didn’t respond to my snaps, so I had to declout her so she’d be irrelevant.
by Jake1114 May 11, 2019

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Something incredibly good - outstanding!
Those jerseys they wore were t'd af.

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