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greatest movie of all time. was created at the washington suites hotel. gay porno. jackson was responsible entirely!!
jackson created the movie/porno american funyun and then jerked his chode and got a cream pie and gave it to his father.
by Jackson May 5, 2004
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being EXTREMELY own3d, this is no ordinary ownage. this is the mac-daddy of being owned
dude i hard-core tr0nz0riz3d you in de_aztec
by Jackson February 24, 2005
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THE worst word in the English / Thai language according to Cartman. "You know, that stuff you get as a appetizer at Thai food restaurants. "meecrob" is way grosser than "shit," dude. I'd scarf down a whole wet bucket full of shit before I ate another plate of meecrob."
Meecrob is really terrible to eat.
by Jackson June 9, 2004
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A person who is consumed by an addiction. One who would rather buy drugs then take care of responsibilities like rent.
I'm sorry I do not have money for rent because I am broke. (although person has a bag of coke in their pocket)
by Jackson February 6, 2005
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This is an abbrevation for a Hokkien(Chinese dialect) foul term used widely in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and by those who can communicate in that dialect. Kan Ni Na Bueh Chao Chee Bye generally means fuck your mother's smelly pussy
"Kan Ni Na Bueh Chao Chee Bye", don't you know that human can't lay eggs.
by Jackson January 12, 2005
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"Poppins" was a word from 'old-time' English, removed from the dictionary by the US Government in a conspiracy against the native English Language. It was once used as an adjective, and described pleasurable or nice things.
"I just got a waxymiggins off some chick last night, it was totally poppins!"

Jackson: "Did you see the film last night?"
Jon: "Yeah, it was totally poppins!"
by Jackson October 4, 2004
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