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"Poppins" was a word from 'old-time' English, removed from the dictionary by the US Government in a conspiracy against the native English Language. It was once used as an adjective, and described pleasurable or nice things.
"I just got a waxymiggins off some chick last night, it was totally poppins!"

Jackson: "Did you see the film last night?"
Jon: "Yeah, it was totally poppins!"
by Jackson October 04, 2004

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someone who is the group bitch and does whatever anyone tells them to do, like pussy only much worse
that guy is such a damn pussy willow
by jackson September 01, 2004

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In popular slang, any word that begins with sh or the sh sound.
"Fo shizzle" (For Sure)
"Look at this shiz(zle)" Shit
by Jackson July 25, 2003

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greatest movie of all time. was created at the washington suites hotel. gay porno. jackson was responsible entirely!!
jackson created the movie/porno american funyun and then jerked his chode and got a cream pie and gave it to his father.
by jackson May 05, 2004

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when semen is sent into the mouth during oral sex and comes out the nose
i got flinkalled last night - it felt sooo weird
by jackson March 06, 2004

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A girl who is so ugly, it looks as though her face caught fire and was consequently put with a chain.
Did you see that wilderbeast Chris was with last night? She was a real chain-face
by Jackson December 03, 2003

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An annoying white bird with a bill that enjoys saying "Aflac."
Some Guy: I need "that" insurance."
Other Guy: What insurance?
by jackson May 25, 2004

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