35 definitions by Jackroll

a blowy is a word used to discribe giving head but fucking hell it is a good word to use usually spelt ''blowie''
fucking hell i got a blowy on friday
yeah yesturday i had a blowy day but not a blowy your lucky
go tell some cunt who gives a toss cause if you think i do you can stick that up your jacksie and blow me
nooooo i didn't mean it like that
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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screamplaying is the fucking moaning,groaning,crying and sighing yoy get during a cunting fucking climax
hey fucktard you heard when you pop yer cork you get moaning groaning sighing and crying
''son of a bitch half a sleep''zzzzzsnoregasm
its called screamplaying you dumbarsed wanker
huh oh yeah scream my leam
your a dickhead

by Jackroll May 09, 2006
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jism is a white liquid prodoced out your dong after you fucking toss off
hey jim
fuck you
hey jism
you suck cock
i will spurt jism on your face
yeah cocksucker i'd like to fucking see that
(ten minutes later)
he fucking showed me tosser
by Jackroll April 02, 2006
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the act of chugging a girl meaning to rub her lovebucket until it reaches orgasm (climaxes)
fucking hell iam in to fingering ladys
really when did you fucking last finger one
in the 20's
hahahahaha who had thought you were a shithead bahahaha
when the fuck did you last finger a woman
you wan....wait thats good
yeah eat that suck my goolies will ya
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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semen is white liquid that goes into a women after you pop her cherry and it fertilizes to the egg and helps you get a baby and the white cumshot that shoots out the bell end on your dobber(meaning for a dick)after you pull off
you fucking pansie bastards we are gonna talk about seamen ok seamen swims in the bucket trying to save a poor child after 9 months you cunts the person it saved ''CUMS'' if you know what i mean out the bucket so you gonks thats seamen are now go play with that semen in the minge you wankers (joke made by lucas bolton A.K.A Jackroll)
by Jackroll April 03, 2006
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finger bang means to masturbate a woman using your finger look at finger and finger fuck
fuck i was finger banging last night
oh really
was it the bollocks
no cause she cut my fucking fingers off
unlucky cunt
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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spunk is a white liquid that shoots out your helmet on the dick its a bollocks of a fucking word one of my favourites too
are you cumming
do you mean the spunk way or the going somewhere way
ummmmmmm yeah are you cumming on i mean too the shop
hahahahaha you cummed
listen you punk o' spunk do you want some
will shut the fuck up you little zygote
by Jackroll March 31, 2006
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