78 definition by Jackie

The hottest and sexiest porn star ever, also Marilyn Manson's girlfriend.
Look! Dita is in the cover of the December 2002 issue of Playboy.
by Jackie November 17, 2003

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Formally known as A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) Plays on the Yankees, supposed to be the next Babe Ruth, but just turned out to cost the yankees the world series

...YEAH BOSTON!!!!!!!
"can you believe A-fraud hit the ball out if his hand?"

"A-rod? A-fruad more like it!"
by Jackie October 31, 2004

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A person who lacks almost compelete skills at video games
My friend is so lame at video games, they can't even get past the 1st level of Super Mario Bros!
by Jackie March 02, 2004

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The inability to hold one's sperm in for more then two minutes during:foreplay, oral sex, and/or intercourse.Usually results in a very unhappy/confused partner.
One Minute Wonder and Horney Heather were gettin it on, and One Minute Wonder was givin it his all and making quite the impression. The next time OMW and Horney Heather went out their time together was... less that satisfactory. But, Heather being the wonderful and caring person she was decided to give OMW one more chance, and another and another. Unfortunatly Heather was not seeing any improvement. She therefore decided that OMW was a hopeless "quick draw" and left him immediatly.
by Jackie February 23, 2005

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The best band ever!!! Two awesome bands put together (Guns N' Roses + Stone Temple Pilots = Velvet Revolver!!!) Even if they were not from two other well known bands they would still rock!!! :)
Slash, Duff, and Scott are hott!!! And are great musicans!!!
by Jackie January 15, 2005

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A penis sculpted by god himself for the world to share and cherish.
"I have only had it a few times, but man that boy has a pretty penis... god blessed him."
by Jackie January 01, 2005

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A very pleasant situation or experience that does not necessarily have anything to do with sexual activities.
"This was a complete fuckaree!" meaning "A greatly pleasing experience."
by Jackie February 15, 2003

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