78 definition by Jackie

Noun. Red Headed Tennis Player
Origins: ATNW forum
Dude, RHTP is so 1337!
by jackie June 07, 2004

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"a compulsive obsession w/ running, only occuring in the most rare of beautiful and talented women"
dedicated MPS XC runners
by Jackie April 12, 2005

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A word used to describe a porn video that slutty pop singers make to attract a young teenage audience. Such porn videos are called "pop" videos, but the latter two are synonymous.
by Jackie February 15, 2003

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Something that is unfair or uncool.
Wow...Matt cheated on Danielle? That's so rude.
by Jackie July 08, 2005

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is when a couple has decided to see other people but still keep the relationship that they have and still have the same feeling that they had befor. it takes two very mature people to let you patner see someone else
i love my boyfriend but i want to date other people and let my boy friend do the same
by jackie March 03, 2005

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When a man is sticking his dick in a womans virgina she screams oooh yeah.
oooh yeah baby harder.
by Jackie February 22, 2005

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Internet Sexual Predator Crab
Origins: ATNW
Someone post the ISPC!!!!
by jackie June 07, 2004

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