the most kick-ass band ever. led by frontman scott weiland, brothers robert and dean deleo and eric kretz. all joined forces as mighty joe young in 1987. long story short, had to change their name and got a record deal in 1992 with atlantic records. went on to produce 5 flawless albums but broke up in 2001 because of turmoil with atlantic and each other. got back together in 2008 for a tour. a new album is rumored to be in the works.
Stone Temple Pilots is the shit
by Qui Gon Kenny May 09, 2009
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Ancient Aztec priests who use magic to fly humungous stone pyramids around the earth, often conduct bombing runs on Holland and remote parts of California.
The stone temple pilots are coming! Air raid, lights out, total bwack out!
by Coffin Henry June 24, 2006
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good band, better than nirvana but not as good as AIC.

hated by rock critics in the early 90's because of their commerical sound and similarities to seattle groups (although unfair, only plush sounds vocally like pearl jam) but still wrote some great material, notably plush, atlanta, and so i know and big empty.

Their thrid album "tiny music...songs from the vatican giftshop" is their greatest achievement.

lead singer Scott Weiland now fronts pseudo cock-rock outfit "velvet revolver".
Stone Temple Pilots rule
by Cregg Feldspar October 30, 2007
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The best damn band to ever walk the planet, but their new shit isn't as good as "Core".
Take time with a wounded hand...
The best song ever.
by dark soul March 17, 2004
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An awesome fucking band, Dean DeLeo is a God.
"The Guitar solo in Silvergun Superman made me cream my fucking pants!"

"Stone Temple Pilots are an awesome fucking band!"
by |Zoso| October 15, 2005
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A rock quartet from the 90's. Also known as "STP". Comprised of a cool drummer, Eric Kretz, a druggy vocalist/lyricist, Scott Weiland, and two brothers: kick-ass bassist/songwriter Robert DeLeo and one of the best fucking rock guitarists in music history guitarist/songwriter Dean DeLeo.
Thought to be ripping off Pearl Jam when they first appeared on the music scene but after later review are actually way fucking better than Pearl Jam. All their albums rock. Especially their debut "Core", "Purple" and "No.4".
Stone Temple Pilots rocks so much harder than Pearl Jam! Eddie Vedder can suck my nob! His uncontrollably increasing vibrato feels great on my sac.
by PMcG July 09, 2004
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one of the best rock bands to ever walk the earth. it's a tossup between them and nirvana.
by jay August 01, 2003
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