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'nother afternoon fucking that ass. First said by Bill Clinton on Family Guy.
"Hey, you up for a little NAFTA?"
"What's that?"
"'nother afternoon fucking that ass"
by Jack324 March 25, 2007

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Half man, half aunt, was given an extra male chromosome or two at birth and has a mustache and/or massive sideburns as a result. Does not have to refer to an aunt, but it almost always refers to a family member.
"What does uncle Joe's new wife look like?"
"You haven't seen her? She's got a huge mustache. A total maunt, but don't tell him I said that."
by Jack324 October 28, 2005

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1. A phrase that people use when they're not actually your friend.

(See also: John McCain)

2. A phrase that people use when they are too embarrassed to admit they are talking about themselves.

3. A phrase that people use when they've actually forgotten your name.
1. "My friend, I didn't spend five years as a POW just to see the terrorists get the best of us. And we can't let my opponent get elected ...or the terrorists win."

2. "Hey, I was just wondering... my friend went to Vegas a couple weeks ago and got a really horrible rash on his junk after sleeping with a hooker, and he wants to see a doctor, but he's afraid his wife will see the medical bill and start asking questions. What should he do?"

3. "Hello, uhhh, my friend! How are you?"
by Jack324 January 19, 2009

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That's just the way things are, like it or not.
"I hate how the government feels like they have to monitor our every move."
"Hey, it is what it is."
by Jack324 January 14, 2009

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The last name of Bill, best known for his contributions to the field of televised science.
"Hey, Bill Nye the Science Guy is on!"
"Sweet dude!"
by Jack324 September 18, 2007

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The Nadsat word for testicles.
"Yarbles! Great bolshy yarblockos to you!"
by Jack324 March 14, 2007

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A horrible lie spread by the Bush Administration to further their agenda.
"We have to stay in Iraq for another 15 years ...or the terrorists win."
"We have to keep marriage between a man and a woman ...or the terrorists win."
by Jack324 May 03, 2007

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