22 definition by Jack Meoff

A man or woman who has truly mastered the ability to be a douche bag and deserves the title of being a master flex in their talents.
You my friend are a douche master flex for eating that fish taco!
by Jack Meoff February 03, 2005

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Chinese gangstas
I got my ass shot my some chinkstas the other day.
by Jack Meoff April 20, 2003

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A person oh is young,naive,and usually has a question mark on the end of every sentence.Also a post whore on the internet furoms and chat rooms.
Kevin is a HOHO! Kevin can be such a HOHO on the WWW.
by Jack Meoff February 10, 2005

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Lwe- li****a wrestling entertainment.
pro wrestling industry where mr.president is the best and #1 fan favorite in all of wrestling
Mr. President hits the closeline from congress on Rundertaker. 1-2-3 we have a NEW Lwe CHAMP!
by Jack Meoff July 03, 2004

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a word that is begined with the letters VAG as if to spell vagina but a teacher walks by and you quickly add oon
holy shit that vag... vagoon is streched
by jack meoff November 12, 2003

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one whos parents were african american and japanese making their child some sort of hybrid muntant among other humans.dangerous to the economic system

ways u can tell if they r a japigger

1. slanted death eyes
2. possibly jewish
3. if they r homeless
tiger woods is a japigger who loves to put his balls in holes in the ground
by jack meoff November 13, 2003

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