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A person or activity that will draw the attention of police.
driving a car without licence plates is heatscore.
by Jack Meoff November 11, 2003
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to forget, ignore
"just to ig my two-way, ig the shit in the streets"
by Jack Meoff December 20, 2003
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a man who can bust some tight ass ryhmes as well as bustin someone in the ass
he is rappist
by jack meoff November 13, 2003
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A gang who calls themselves Escape The Law
They spray their tag everywhere and pretend like they do drugs and drink but when you ask them they deny belonging. They are from Woodinville Washington so they automatically arent a real gang.
Any faggot who wears a talltee is considered ETL
ETL is gay and so are all its members.
by Jack Meoff June 18, 2006
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Placing your hand on your penis and moving it up and down in a fast motion.
Also called "Whacking off".
That slut val said she wants to watch me when i'm chokin my chicken then suck it.
by Jack Meoff July 10, 2003
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A cake that can be formed with a handful of fromunda cheese, grundle juice (sweat), and hair. In serving this, one might ask if they would care for a scoop of grundle cake. A true delight it is!
Dude, those cookies taste like shit, want some grundle cake?
by Jack Meoff February 03, 2005
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Pre-ejaculatory penil secretions. Pre-cum.
I didn't have any tape, so I sealed the envelope with some dicksnot.
by Jack Meoff March 07, 2003
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