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ramming one's penis rapidly in between a set of gigantic tits
That fucking whore needs a real good titty fucking
by jay April 29, 2003
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A pronoun, used to replace things. Instead of saying "please find the fork" say "please find the jaun"
"Yo, these jauns is tight son!"
by Jay March 10, 2004
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Insatiable. Someone who can't get enough. Nympho or nymphette.
She's a sexaholic.
by jay January 29, 2003
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the side that is used by gangsters
Left side is for gangsters
by Jay December 20, 2004
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we swang glass 84's in that H-Town (Houston)
by jay May 14, 2003
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when a naked man places his cock and balls between his legs so that they appear to be a banana and two plums in a fruit bowl when seen from behind.
in addition, when he is seen from in front, he will look like a lady with no tits!
steve-o from jackass couples this move with the helicopter.

buffalo bill show you the front on silence of the lambs
by jay January 08, 2004
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when a woman lies on her stomach at the top of stairs and the man sticks his penis in her asshole and rides her down the stairs
Wendy got a black eye from the tobogan last night
by Jay February 02, 2004
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