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Facial hair in which the sideburns extend across the upper lip and connect as a mustache. Distinguished from muttonchops by the absence of significant widening.

Derived from unibrow.
My friend sported a bizarre uniburn in celebration of Mustache Alive 2005.
by JaNeT February 15, 2005
The best Boy band in Japan. they breakdance adn rap real good, and no, they are not androids like *someone else said* their names are keita tachibana, the main singer, Ryohei Chiba, rap, dancer and chorus singer and Ryuichi Ogata, he does the same job as Ryohei.
They sing good, dance good and they look good too! {o^^o}
by JaNeT December 7, 2003
Suburb of Chicago, this large town is known for having some very stuck up kids. Rich white kids running around and spending their parents money. Kids from Naperville will be very sucesful in life, and very rich. Also known for their excellent public schools, and many times named the best place to raise you child.
"your from Naperville? Your rich, right? "
by JaNeT February 16, 2005
another term used for freak, that many people use nonsexually
"I know you loooooooove him."
"SO? Shut up you freakaleak!"
by JaNeT May 7, 2005
Steve L. who lives in San Diego.
Steve is such an indecisive ass, that his life will never amount to anything.
by JaNeT February 9, 2005
best friendd
Shes my biffer.
by JaNeT November 9, 2003
She is such an obnxious, flibbertigibbety bitch!
by JaNeT June 30, 2003