The only city in the entire world where cops outnumber the teenagers.
"Naperville has 5.3 cops per teenager"
by Cullum November 17, 2005
Suburb of Chicago, this large town is known for having some very stuck up kids. Rich white kids running around and spending their parents money. Kids from Naperville will be very sucesful in life, and very rich. Also known for their excellent public schools, and many times named the best place to raise you child.
"your from Naperville? Your rich, right? "
by Janet February 16, 2005
Great town to raise a family. Downtown naperville is beautiful and built up nicely over the years. Great schools and community involvement.
by Dee McCarthy June 1, 2005
1. the next big reality TV show.
2. the new O.C. and Laguna Beach
1. -so when is the new episode of Naperville coming out?
- i dont know but i hope soon. those kids are so rich and lucky, i wish i could live there
2. - naperville is more wealthy than them, nough said.
by randomlypointles November 2, 2006
where everyone thinks all the rich kids live even though no one is really rich and where u can find weed everywhere because noone has anything else to do
where do you live naperville so your rich? no im acctuly poor and smoke kush all day
by ogkush696969 December 4, 2010
The place where you will get a parking ticket for the dumbest reason. They make unusual parking laws just to further the city's wealth while a Chicago visitor gets even poorer.
Officer: Well this car would be legally parked in Chicago, but I guess I will have to Naperville you to pay for the next tree we will plant to beautify our city.
by iparkwhereiwant February 17, 2017
Movies and bowling are the only remotely fun things to do.

And NCHS smells bad.
A typical AIM conversation of a Napervillian.

Person 1: I'm bored.
Person 2: Yeah, me too.
Person 1: Aren't we always bored?
Person 2: Yeah, we live in Naper-Thrills.
by Chokey February 12, 2005