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an intelligent female who is sought after by many.
usually pretty yet quite insecure.
a kinky individual to be sure. most likely to become a dominatrix in the future.

has many selective friends (the most special of these being referred to as a dude) and cannot abide being around morons.

friends may be of varying sexuality but generally no necrophiliacs, paedophiles or people into bestiality. kinky fetishists are fine.
activities carried out by these friends may include biting, licking, groping and on some rare occasions, rimming.

she is not necessarily blonde and hair colour may vary from a light brown to red.

she can be heard emitting such strange syllables as meh and meep.

WARNING: may bite. HARD.
"This is the pulse...
this is your finger, far from the pulse, jammed straight up your ass!
Say..... would you like a chocolate covered ilona?"
by ilona (minimatronic) January 24, 2005
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Ilona is the name of a certain legend with special capabilities. The name itself allows them to do many things like attract endless men. On a scale of 1 to 10 she is an eleventy forty-four. They aren't something you see everyday. A blue moon is nowhere close to how rare one of these are. People who have had the great honor to be touched by an ilona never wash again as thier touch has incredible powers like curing desieses. Accounts of human interaction have proven that they are so called goody-two-shoes always listening to thier elders. Legend had it there is only one true ilona left though. When the last ilonas death shall occur NASA has agreed to blow up the sun as life without ilona is clearly not worth living. Symptoms of seeing an ilona are increased heart rate, sweating, losing control of body parts, the feeling of bieng in love ect. Also refer to goddess
Guy1: "Woah man! did you see that ilona?"

Guy2: "Heck ya i can't feel my legs!"

Guy1"Me niether!"

Guy2:"We should go check that out!"

Guy1: "Nah man. It's completely normal to lose feelings in both your legs and fall to the ground after seeing an ilona."

Gosh! When I saw ilona pass by my zipper broke!
by Chief_BS October 24, 2018
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A real sweet girl who always talks about her silly boyfriend or her passion for fashion.
She is real smart and looks like a model, she is going to be very famous.
Talking to Ilona NEVER gets boring, Ilona should be president.
Hey, when I grow up I wanna be like Ilona!
by cannabas November 22, 2010
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usually a hot blonde girl, not confused with (a loner) due to her having many friends
by janet June 26, 2004
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a strange yet exquisite mix of retardation and vodka. resembles kelly osbourne in contemporary society. when viewed in her natural habitat, the ilona most likely will be covered in black clothing wearing big dark sunglasses. likes owls. is best friends forever with katie, another amazing individual. tends to say "jinx" quite often in katie's presence. laughs constantly and erupts without warning, disturbing few near due to invisible cloak. a friend and lover of all.
dayum sheet dats whack, dats ILONA.

ugh you disgust me, stop trying to be ilona.

ilona, the paparazzi is waiting outside.

you are completely ilonarded.
by k tizzle May 09, 2005
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a blonde girl who is intelligent yet slow. not to be confused with "a-loner", she has many friends who enjoy making fun of her many hobbies and boys.
look at that ilona; she's never alone because people are always thinking she is so blonde.
by ilona April 04, 2004
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- someone who is ambigous looking, with poor circulation, and an obsession with the rapper Coolio. She is a clean freak and has slight OCD. She likes to make music. She likes tea. Also has a soft spot for kilts, haggis and tartan.
What are you doing today?


Oh, I'm just being ambiguous, might download some Coolio songs, make myself a hot water bottle cause of my bad circulation, make myself a cup of tea, hoover my room for the fourth time, and google images of men in tartan kilts eating haggis.

Oh, okay.
by afriendonud December 11, 2010
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