29 definition by JS

nobody in germany uses über for super...
it means above...
the nose is über the mouth
hr hr hr...
by JS February 22, 2005

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A very talented young woman singer/guitar player. Her first album out is Flutterby.
Check it out on amazon.com, especially 'Life is Short' and track #4 (sorry, can't remember the title now)
by JS March 14, 2004

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acronym for "god have mercy on us all"
Bush was reelected! ghmoua!
by js January 01, 2005

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internet acronym meaning "panicking in front of computer"
Am pifoc trying to get this paper done by Friday.
by js March 01, 2005

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having a wank, using just the one hand
i decided to confirm with the president after finding this picture of your mother
by Js March 04, 2005

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A very fast, reliable and cheap gaming server company who also provide access to teamspeak2 servers.

Running on high-speed servers with incredible back-bone connections, the company is easily one of the best game serves around.

Just give techno-gaming a call, they are tha shiznit!
by JS February 02, 2005

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Alot of money. dough bling bling
That dude bought two mercedes benz's yesterday. He got some fattie oka
by JS June 07, 2004

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