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A type of speed boat originally designed for racing on the open ocean, 30-50 feet long and about 8 feet wide. Almost always equipped with at least 1000hp but often up to 2000hp, modern versions can go well over 100 mph. Drug runners made them famous in the 1970's and 80's but they are now popular as extremely expensive ($250,000+) show-off toys mainly for rich, otherwise blue collar people like construction contractors and business owners. The culture surrounding them strongly embraces decadent drinking, drugs, sex, and partying, and sometimes boating too. Most of them are used on lakes way too small and calm compared to their original purpose.
When I win the lottery I'm going to buy a cigarette boat and take it to the sand bar at Havasu.
by JS January 16, 2004
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An, unrealistic, vain, and self-important person pursuing a career where he or she has a more than a 99.9999% chance of failure and less than a .0001% chance of getting rich and famous. Most often simply employed as a server at a restaurant.
Joe-Bob moved to LA to follow his dream of being an actor.
by JS January 17, 2004
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Minneapolis, Minnesota. A fairly large city built in a place where it can snow any month of the year except June, July and August and the temperature can reach as low as -40F/-40C during the Winter. The culture is a strange combination of liberal politics and relatively conservative family values. A strong sense of self-important nationalism is present in the local culture and many years ago the residents dubbed it the "Mini-apple" as though it is somehow a smaller version of the Big Apple, New York City.
I froze my ass off in Minneapolis while everyone kept telling me how great it was there.
by JS January 16, 2004
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person 1: "oh I like whatever"
person 2: "good choice, lege"
by JS February 10, 2004
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UK Hiphop artist pronounced k-lash-nek-off. born and raised in hakney england an also known as rikochet klashnekoff. rikochet represents that this man will hit u with his lyrics from all angles unexpectedly, while klashnekoff represents the freedom to do what you want to do as many man can only acheive freedom through a klashnekoff rifle.
k k, lash your raasclart nek off/ i split u in half like a gunblast from lennox
by JS March 15, 2005
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