A term used when you have messed up, or fucked up, mulitple times.
Merium, you are vert pretty
by MirrorImage July 8, 2005
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"fucked over". The o can be replaced by a zero (fux0red)
Slashdot linked to my page and my webserver got fuxored.
by Fryth December 27, 2003
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Speaking in 31337, to fuck over, fuck up, break something, etc.
Man, I fuxored your computer, you're screwed. Better wipe that porno before you send it for repairs.
by Heywood April 17, 2003
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An expletive.
Another way of saying "F**K"
Synonymous with fuk and fux.
Aw fUx0r, I got shotzor'd in my nutzorz...
by Guy with definitions October 18, 2003
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Exclamation indicating disgust, frustration, anger, or fear. Also spelled fux0r.
FUXOR! That chick just pwnd me at CS.
by man1ed September 26, 2003
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What happens when I'm playing counterstrike and the other guy has a fuckin awp and all I have is a goddam Deagle.
Man, I just got so fuxored. My ass is in tears.
by Panocha007 June 8, 2003
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