10 definitions by JPE

Very thin lips not good for fellatio. The opposite of DSLs. Usually leaves racetracks.
She's got some dialups.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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Trying to enroll in a class when it's full. Happens all the time at Cal Poly SLO thanks to Arnold's budget cuts.
I'm going to crash ENGL148.
I tried crashing SCOM201 but that bitch of a professor wouldn't let me in.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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A fridge modified to contain a keg and dispense beer. What's needed: old fridge, drill, tap, facuet, hose, CO2 tank, CO2 regulatior, and a keg. A quality home improvement for the weekend warrior.
I have a kegraider in the garage.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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Internet Control Message Protocol. Used to handle error and control messages.
Ping sends an ICMP request packet.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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A website where Cal Poly students can rate their professors. It's oper source for other schools to use. www.polyratings.com.
That prof has horrible polyratings.
Check out polyratings before you register.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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Network Performance Research Lab. Located at Cal Poly State University dedicated to further research in computer network performance. NetPRL is a joint lab between the Computer Science, Computer Enginnering and Electrical Engineering programs. The lab is currently used by eleven graduate and undergraduate students working on their masters thesis or senior project.
I'm in the NetPRL lab.
The NetPRL group rocks.
Software side!
by JPE May 12, 2004
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A place where you end up when taking mild hallucinogens. Deamons in the grass. Much exploration. "There's a guy!" Population: 4.
We are in hulan.
by JPE May 12, 2004
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