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word for mate
g'day, m8
by John June 11, 2003

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A part of Boston on the Southern End of the City. Home to Castle Island, partially Dotty, and indeed the living place of many mics with a love for liquor.
"I'm Irish, I drink, I scream my disdain for the Yankees when the Red Sox play Philly. Don't tell me I'm from South Boston, I'm from fucking Southie."
by John November 08, 2004

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fuck her hard in the ass, pull it out, cum in her eye and kick her in the shin. She will get up standing on one leg with one eye closed, walking like she's drunk and swearing
Leroy pirate fucked his Girlfriend last night. she was mad as a wasp afterwards
by john May 11, 2005

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An event or situation that is unpleasant or causes extreme distress.

Derived from Captain Kirk's famous yell of "Khaaaaaaaan!!!" in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
That sales meeting was totally khan.
by john February 23, 2004

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a tall beautiful woman, often a runway model.
Heidi Klum is a glamazon
by John March 06, 2003

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The best day of the week to have sex. I'm not kidding. It adds a whole 'nother level to it.
Person 1: Whatcha doin' Thursday?
Person 2: Linda's coming over.
Person 1: Holy shit. *falls down dead in amazement*
by John November 25, 2003

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Area encompassing San Bernardino and Riverside counties in southern California, also known derogatively as "The 909"
by John March 06, 2003

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