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cliche internet catchphrase mainly used by idiots who don't know what "vapid" means. they think it means ditsy, air-headed or something like that, but really it means "lifeless" or "boring".
douchebag #1: paris hilton is such a vapid cunt! vapid!!! vapid cunt!
asshole #2: shut the fuck up moron, learn to use a dictionary.
by jj August 20, 2006
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someone who puts lights under thier bed.
lub has a sweet life.
by jj February 14, 2005
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heavy metal rules!!! ignore the negative posts.they are heavy metal haters!!!
blacksabbath,slayer,metallica,motley crue,poison,superjoint ritual.
by jj August 02, 2004
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The blackest president we had so far.
by JJ November 05, 2003
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pussy is my pleasure
i need pimp
by jj February 13, 2004
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another name for a lung/bong made of half a bottle and and bag
sort us out a phat creamy bagpipe, dave....
by JJ January 05, 2004
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The inferior form of rugby. Invented in the North of England after a dispute over whether players should be paid. Can be quite tedious to watch as the defending team have to retreat after every tackle until the tackle count is reached.

Not as popular as rugby Union
Great tackle!! now bugger off and let him get the ball back.
by JJ May 29, 2004
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