173 definitions by JIMMY

have a good time
we really blazed it up at that party last nite
by jimmy December 30, 2003
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cap worn by a scally. also known as a burbee cap, beanie, and train conductor's cap.
by Jimmy October 13, 2003
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when you are playing foot ball and you are about to throw the ball, instead of saying "HIKE" be funny and say "HURK".
i yelled "HURK" while playing foot ball today
by JIMMY November 04, 2004
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a place where you go to get your drugs
Dude we've gotta go up to calgary, i've gotta pick up my drugs
by Jimmy January 19, 2005
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To fill-up. See Tea bag.
Yo phillip on my nuts.
by Jimmy June 11, 2006
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Your personality;you as a person.
Don't attack my vanity.
by Jimmy January 21, 2004
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sweaty man pig that happens to hit bass strings spontaneously
"lynz!" shouted steve
by jimmy March 25, 2003
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