over concentrated on a human being ; or known as crush
stop beching on her
by kicka** 18 June 16, 2017
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Did you really misspell Bitch this badly?
by Swoonz January 11, 2020
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Female Vagina in Zimbabwean language
Beche rako rinonhuwa, in english your vagina smells.
by Shonalist July 25, 2011
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A guitar prodigy who sleeps with as many girls as possible because girls can't resist his charm.
"That guy seems to score with every girl in our high school, he must be a Bechs!"
by Dale Hummel March 9, 2007
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a waay better way of saying bitch.
shout out to all my beches.
Im a bech, what of it dawg?
by itsbrittanybech December 31, 2011
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