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And you thought CBC kids were fags. Give these guys a mirror and they'll be occupied for hours. Known for hooking up with some of the most stuck up Villa bitches around (and each others moms!), these guys love their money and their faces. You'll be able to easily spot these kids out at party... they'll be the ones planning to beat up the cops. If you find yourself pondering what these kids value in life... the answer is MONEY MOMS and MIRRORS.
Those Chaminade kids attempted to beat up the cops but ended up getting arrested. Not to worry though, their rich daddys bailed them out.
(kids best friend banging his mom while the dad is bailing them out)
by JESUS April 17, 2005
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any internet girl that meets and fucks retards she found in a chat room.
Man that girl I met at coffee last night from the chat room was a real chatwhore. She sucked me dry and ate my ass within 20 minutes of meeting her.
by JESUS May 27, 2004
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"oh Muffy im so glad my stocks dont go down like you do baby"
by JESUS June 6, 2003
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The instrument of choice for easy channel changing, usually weilded by the "Cable Nazi."
"wer ist die clicka?"
by JESUS January 18, 2003
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A penis resembling a pepperoni log, usually redish from the presence of a veneral disease.
by JESUS November 25, 2003
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when some faggot or a skank ass bitch has been cock punched so omany times that their face resembles a cock and a goblin at the same time....hence the name cock goblin
DAMN, that ugly fuck looks like a cock goblin
by JESUS March 19, 2003
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