Bluestone is a magical place where people who just met consider each other family, dogs wear people clothes, purple gorillas play tag, superheroes are real and make appearances just when they're needed most, fires reach to the skies, problems seem to fade away, and lives are changed.
Friendship for a lifetime
And a family that grows
Each and every moment
Love is being woven
Through the Father, Son, and Spirit
I have learned and now I know
That Bluestone through the ages
Will always be, like coming home
by The_Hawk August 03, 2009
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A round and plump man, usually found in the plains, who has the largest chode known to man. He is also known as the Chode Master in many places but the correct term used to describe this creature is Bluestone. This creature is indigenous to North America but some say the disease is spreading fast, and can now be found in Asia.
Ronald- Holy shit, did you just see that Bluestone, I've never seen one in the city before.

Todd- Yeah dude, I don't really feel good... I just threw up a little bit,

Ronald- DUDE, lets see if he'll eat it.

by Chode Collector March 23, 2009
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A combination of blue balls and kidney stones.

hands down the most excruciating pain a man can ever experience.
I keep a loaded gun under my pillow in case I ever get Bluestones
by Blueguru December 22, 2014
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When you smoke marijuana to recover from blue balls.
Last night, I get left out of an orgy so I got bluestoned off my ass!
by anjunaspidey May 01, 2020
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