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A rhyme-arific and obnoxious way to respond to the obnoxious & ubiquitous question, "Guess What?" A much easier response than actually trying to guess the topic about to be brought up.
Inane Questioner: "Guess What?"
Clever You: "CHICKEN BUTT!"
Inane Questioner: "umm.. right..."

by Handsome Pete September 25, 2003
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Answer to the question Guess what? 1st in a series of Chicken questions used to amuse my 5 year old grand daughter by her Uncle Joey.

#1. Guess What?
answer Chicken butt

#2 Guess Where?
answer Chicken hair

#3 Guess Why?
answer Chicken thigh

#4 Guess Who?
answer Chicken pooh

#5 Guess the rest?
answer Chicken Breast
by GrannyBee October 12, 2008
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A win or lose game. The questioner tries to catch the questionee off guard by asking "Guess what?" as if they really have news.
A: Guess What?
B: What?
A: Chicken Butt!
In the above senario person A wins the game, had person B said Chicken Butt in response they would have won the game and person A loses.
by Megpie November 22, 2007
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Chickenbutt: The butt of a chicken or, a word used to make stupid children laugh.
Hey there little kid...guess what?.... Chickenbutt!! HA ha HA ha HA ha ha etc..
by Chaddfucious July 15, 2003
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1. A delicacy originating from Delaware that often appears in a silly children's joke circa 1985.
Child 1: Guess What?
Child 2: What?
Child 1: Chickenbutt! Six cents a piece, fried in grease!!
by Rhozee August 24, 2006
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