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Rare but really annoying form of lag, it gives you anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds of freeze, and then flips to 0.5 to 1.5 seconds of decent FPS.
So, I have half a second to run away from these blazes, before it freezes me for 1.5 seconds, to so I DON'T experience to full fun of running away from blazes... FUCK YOU TO HELL, Alternating lag!
by Itz Rob August 27, 2016
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Dude, if you typed this in... you are WAY too keen (like me), go to the Tony Blair page already.
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was the UKPM from 1997 to 2007.
by Itz Rob September 10, 2016
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V/ To work from home... Named after the fact that George Washington was the only president to never ACTUALLY live in the white house. Instead, he governed from Mount Vernon!
Once, I forgot to hand in my work for French... Good job the lesson was on Thursday, and my then-teacher of French liked pulling a George Washington on Fridays.
by Itz Rob November 27, 2016
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1) Scum
2) A white, powdery substance (C36H70CaO4, learned about in GCSE triple chemistry) made by soap (C18H35NaO2) reacting with permanent hard water ions ("Ca2+") to make "lathering" much more difficult. This is not to be confused with scale, which is made by boiling temporary hard water.
1) Politicians? Utter bags of Calcium stearate, they are!
2) In South England, we have mostly hard water. Yes, it lines the bath with calcium stearate sometimes, but the nutrients are great.
by Itz Rob October 26, 2016
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1) Defined as the reciprocal of infinity (1/infinity), if you say that pico and nano are "next to nothing", then infinitesimal has his cock up nothing's arse.
2) Just really, REALLY fucking small.
1) The reciprocal graph's distance from its asymptote gets infinitesimal, but they never meet.
2) The amount of homework I've done this evening lolololol
by Itz Rob March 27, 2018
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A smartass way of saying "twisted plot", usually one of exceptional quality.
Named for the fact that glycogen is an alpha glucose polymer with a lot of glycosidic linkage which is NOT between carbons 1 and 4, hence branched ("twisted") as a motherfucker. And a twisted plot is, of course, a highly creative plot of unexpected developments.
The hour-long episodes are better, they take all kinds of exciting turns. They have glycogen plots, one could say.
by Itz Rob March 27, 2018
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Something that can kill you if you drink it!
Its formula is H2O2!
It is proof that oxygen is like the human race... murdering as well as life-sustaining.

PS... It is not all bad, it can be used as a steriliser and as a teeth whitener, just DON'T DRINK IT!
Guy 1: I need a drink... Ahhh a cup of water.
Guy 1: Relax m8, it's just an extra oxygen atom...
Guy 2: But Oxygen is like the human race... it's...
(Guy 1 goes all pale and dies)
Guy 2: NOOOO, H2O2 kills... I didn't make that obvious??? WAAAAAAAA
by Itz Rob May 1, 2016
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