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Call me a nitpicky fuckerfish, but you guys are wrong. Voter fraud is when the voter cheats, not the candidate, that's called election fraud, or electoral fraud!
Cloning your voting paper and submitting 2 votes is an example of voter fraud.
by Itz Rob August 24, 2016

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A radio/YouTube show where some 28 y/o, squeaky New Yorker called Kyle Kulinski talks Liberal, secular politics, New Atheism, and sexual jokes.
Regularly rants against: Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Obama, money in politics, religion, conservatism, war.
Regularly rants for: Bernie Sanders, weed, healthcare, Jill Stein, free speech, secularism, Atheism.
Hater: Secular Talk is a squeaky fagit, fam.
Me: He's squeaky, but there's no evidence of homosexuality here.
by Itz Rob February 11, 2017

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The lesser known, and of course... less successful Trump campaign. He...
1) Ran for the Reform Party nomination,
2) Announced his candidacy on th 19th day of October 1999,
3) Dropped out after getting no delegates in CA.
Some person: 2016 is the first time Trump has been involved in politics.
Me: No, read up about the Trump Presidential Campaign, 2000!
by Itz Rob December 24, 2016

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1) Defined as the reciprocal of infinity (1/infinity), if you say that pico and nano are "next to nothing", then infinitesimal has his cock up nothing's arse.
2) Just really, REALLY fucking small.
1) The reciprocal graph's distance from its asymptote gets infinitesimal, but they never meet.
2) The amount of homework I've done this evening lolololol
by Itz Rob May 16, 2018

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Something that can kill you if you drink it!
Its formula is H2O2!
It is proof that oxygen is like the human race... murdering as well as life-sustaining.

PS... It is not all bad, it can be used as a steriliser and as a teeth whitener, just DON'T DRINK IT!
Guy 1: I need a drink... Ahhh a cup of water.
Guy 1: Relax m8, it's just an extra oxygen atom...
Guy 2: But Oxygen is like the human race... it's...
(Guy 1 goes all pale and dies)
Guy 2: NOOOO, H2O2 kills... I didn't make that obvious??? WAAAAAAAA
by Itz Rob May 23, 2016

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Theresa May is the current UKPM.
by Itz Rob September 10, 2016

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Dude, if you typed this in... you are WAY too keen (like me), go to the Tony Blair page already.
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was the UKPM from 1997 to 2007.
by Itz Rob September 10, 2016

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