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V/ To work from home... Named after the fact that George Washington was the only president to never ACTUALLY live in the white house. Instead, he governed from Mount Vernon!
Once, I forgot to hand in my work for French... Good job the lesson was on Thursday, and my then-teacher of French liked pulling a George Washington on Fridays.
by Itz Rob November 27, 2016
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Call me a nitpicky fuckerfish, but you guys are wrong. Voter fraud is when the voter cheats, not the candidate, that's called election fraud, or electoral fraud!
Cloning your voting paper and submitting 2 votes is an example of voter fraud.
by Itz Rob August 24, 2016
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The lesser known, and of course... less successful Trump campaign. He...
1) Ran for the Reform Party nomination,
2) Announced his candidacy on th 19th day of October 1999,
3) Dropped out after getting no delegates in CA.
Some person: 2016 is the first time Trump has been involved in politics.
Me: No, read up about the Trump Presidential Campaign, 2000!
by Itz Rob December 24, 2016
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