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A complete deceitful, degenerate who has no moral fiber or any respect out of honor but rather fear. (Not that cool) A Draconian or "Dragonian" (As called by Hell) have no respect for others free will and prefers to eat and rape children. (Once again not that cool)
There goes the Draconian again eating the Nordic lady's children
by It 1111 March 28, 2015
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Dragonian is a derogatory term for a Draconis Reptilian better known as a Draconian typically in the Aurora (Northern Lights) Universe. Drag in the term implying how much of a drain and big drag the Draconian can be to every single Extra Terrestrial or Human race that isn't Draconian. Knowing the Draconians are racist with a false pride in themselves who cannot get with women or beings the conventional way and as a result resort to the always retarded degenerate rape. The Draconian are also known pedophiles and thus losers. The Draconian also are insecure manipulative bully’s ladies and gentlemen who don’t respect others freewill in the slightest sense, the Draconians enjoy brainwash or mind control and subliminal messages entirely to much to throw in there as well. They are extremely ignorant and considered evil, there brain structure, philosophy and ways are meant to be laughed at, the medulla sector, the pons sector lol. I say this recent true statement because they send beings of the good side or light side who are Theists to Archon or Yaldabaoth Universes, Dimensions or realities sometimes in tiny! Micro scopic size! Trapped in Simulation Virtual Realities like that isn’t enough in itself already. There has been a vote everybody in all existence and time are practically all Anti Draconian...
"Dude that Chas Stewart near Chicago Draconian or DRAGonian lol is a loser, cyber or computer hacking that Human who got turned into a Robot by Dragonians, computers, cable, tablets and smart phones" -Jake Michelotti
by It 1111 May 11, 2019
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"The Archon are one of the farthest things from being a person they technically don't exist really. There odor or bodily odor is that of feces, vomit and blood, they have no intentionality or intentions, if you asked them to draw a picture on a blank piece of paper, they would stare at it like a retard and do nothing. They feed off of the misery or black energy of others more than excessively and are thus evil filth. They have infiltrated the United States Government with there bizzareness and have taken a hit or ruined there Individual Government reputation. This is a race if you even want to call it that, that needs to be addressed by all Aliens or Extra Terrestrials and eliminated into extinction by scientific experiments and technology by a giant Cohesion of thousands of Alien or Extra Terrestrial races as well as all of there Universes, Dimensions, Hell Patals, Microscopic Size Realities and Simulation Virtual Realities of the Multiverse or Omniverse -David Icke
Dude that Soccer player got a red card and he's Archon Are-gone now out of the game permanently
by It 1111 June 15, 2019
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A fat smaller size 2ft green Frog with a top hat who has a beer belly and a large mug of ale
by It 1111 August 27, 2018
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An asshole that induces and feeds off of your negative emotions than you spit on this asshole because of asshole doing this to you and making you feel like absolute shit throughout the day from the feeding off of the negative emotions "ALL DAY" another tool word, than ignorant asshole doesn't know what's up with you or why you spit on this asshole in the first place.
Hey I'm just going to latch onto your spinal cord in the 4th dimension and scum suck negative emotions from you all day because your a lesser being. And now that you have spit on me I feel inferior/superior another Reptillian characteristic.. and now I am going to react immaturely and make this lesser being brain dead, send him to hell and turn him from a Man into a Grey. I am fucking awesome right? I have to be I am a Reptillian.. NOT! Huberous Reptillian
by It 1111 November 6, 2013
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I.T.B stands for Insecure Trick Bitch. Typically a being who acts like there the s*** or a hard ass gangsta nigga boss. But it's all a facade & there tricking you because deep down with your lie detector meter of your own powers, they are actually compensating for there insecure little bitchness of themselves that they are hiding.. Some of these I.T.B beings are selfish disgusting pedo ritualistic child murderers the big winners of society & real bad ass bro and tough, NOT! These beings usually prey on the weak or 3D beings who are Theists typically & sometimes neuralize them suggesting everytime there a INSECURE Trick Bitch. These beings are sometimes 4D beings & they also like to conceal 3D beings who are Theists through 4D black holes or portals into other Negative feelings based Universes (Yaldabaoth Universe for example) in the Seventh Region of Hell (Not the First or second Region but the un-called for weird Seventh Region no one should really go to) trapped in Simulation Virtual Realities. I.T.B will also when you confront them about there 4D bull shit activities like there black holes or portals will be such an ass hat that they will play dumb and act like they don't know what your talking about. I.T.B typically can be found in weight rooms lifting 250lbs with 1 rep and 1 set and acting all hard. While the actual bad ass is going ham with 250 lbs at 30 reps. I.T.B can also be found at pools with children in bathing suits planning there abduction & GOD.. KNOWS.. what
Hey what's up King Leonidas I saw you were lifting 300lbs and than that I.T.B tryed to show you up and fell backwards doing one rep what you did 30 Reps of. Yeah Saint Michael he's a Insecure Trick Bitch Lol..
by It 1111 September 28, 2018
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Mahabarata: When someone is important or Royalty with powers and abilities gets DNA tampered into a ordinary Human and thus has lost all his or her gifts and when they go out start wars between Alien races with abilities and powers usually in the Subtle Regions or Higher Dimensions than 3D
Mahabarata = War or Subtle War
by It 1111 August 27, 2018
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