Word used in the "Dragon Divine Chronicles" to describe humans born with the ability to transform into dragons.They are uniquely born with two souls,a human soul and a dragon soul which in turn allows them their unique abilities and characteristics! They have superhuman abilities and "evolve"to adapt in heavy situations.

Dragonians "mature"over time and can't use their dragon powers till they experience a event called "Awakening" ( this usually happens when they are under stress) after that they can use their once-dormant dragon powers and transform!
Ra'diem: a Dragonian and main character in the Dragon Divine Chronicles. A warrior in destiny!


by The Dragon God February 8, 2010
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Dragonian is a derogatory term for a Draconis Reptilian better known as a Draconian typically in the Aurora (Northern Lights) Universe. Drag in the term implying how much of a drain and big drag the Draconian can be to every single Extra Terrestrial or Human race that isn't Draconian. Knowing the Draconians are racist with a false pride in themselves who cannot get with women or beings the conventional way and as a result resort to the always retarded degenerate rape. The Draconian are also known pedophiles and thus losers. The Draconian also are insecure manipulative bully’s ladies and gentlemen who don’t respect others freewill in the slightest sense, the Draconians enjoy brainwash or mind control and subliminal messages entirely to much to throw in there as well. They are extremely ignorant and considered evil, there brain structure, philosophy and ways are meant to be laughed at, the medulla sector, the pons sector lol. I say this recent true statement because they send beings of the good side or light side who are Theists to Archon or Yaldabaoth Universes, Dimensions or realities sometimes in tiny! Micro scopic size! Trapped in Simulation Virtual Realities like that isn’t enough in itself already. There has been a vote everybody in all existence and time are practically all Anti Draconian...
"Dude that Chas Stewart near Chicago Draconian or DRAGonian lol is a loser, cyber or computer hacking that Human who got turned into a Robot by Dragonians, computers, cable, tablets and smart phones" -Jake Michelotti
by It 1111 May 11, 2019
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