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Yet another definition of a boy at MLMS.Now,honestly.If you walked up to that guy and said hello,would he start a conversation or just say hello and walk away?The second one, right?You may know him but he dosn't know you.I know my point is moot but I just wanted to say I think you are a bit of a staulker and need to take some more language arts lessons.
meh.....verdura reminds me of a disease....why the hell does it remind me of a disease?!?!
by Idsanty March 09, 2005
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I think it means you are fucking crazy.
"I want to die" is never nice to hear.
by Idsanty March 09, 2005
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Actually I do have respect for others.I don't have respect for little pricks that go around screaming their AIM sn for attention. And I also don't have respect for people that call me "dik" or a "noob". AND I also hate people that are so fucking stupid that can't even spell school or a simple insult correctly.

Oh and you're tired of me? Boofuckinghoo idiot.Noone gives a fuck.You don't have to read what I type.But since you choose to then it's your own fault that you are tired like a fatass.

Go back to ESOL class bub.
*gasp* who told you about my deadily secret of living in a garbage can!!?!?!?!
by Idsanty March 24, 2005
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If you actually read what I had said about Steven or Jessica, Gotti Lover, then you would have known that I wasn't talking shit and that I wasn't on their "dicks" to begin with.
Now that I got that out of the way, you my friend are a fucking idiot. I'm not in a low class.....thanks for wondering though. Maybe if you took that huge pole that says "I think I know everything" out of your ass.....you would be able to see that. If I was in a low class I wouldn't be making fun of people with bad grammar. Like.....is not spelled with a y.
Your whole rant on me is totally off. Because obviously you can't read or havn't read anything that I have said about Jessica or that Steven guy.I tried to defend Jessica without even knowing her.... so now YOU look like the bitch. And in Steven's case ..... I was simply asking if the people that are oh-so-obssessed actually talk to the guy.
By any chance are you gifted?
by Idsanty May 07, 2005
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Short for Miami Lakes Middle School.There are more sluts in this school than in a rap video.Don't even get me started on the dumbfuck guys.They have either not gone through puberty or think they rule the world by making up a little imaginary gang.The teachers are even worse.We have a bunch of idiots that could give two flying shits about the students and only care about the money.Which they don't use to improve the school btw.WE HAD ASBESTOS WHAT TYPE OF FUCKING SCHOOL HAS ASBESTOS?!?!?! I hope someone is looking this definition up in the library....go ahead and show it to a teacher.
Miami Lakes middle school is hazardous to society's health
by Idsanty March 08, 2005
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